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choose porcelain dinnerware make for good health

Author:    Source:    Date: 2016-07-01 16:38:24

The dinnerware set is closely related to people’s health condition as they are directly connected with food.some may argue that it does not matter as long as the pot and pan are clean.while the fact is that the tableware is equally important. It can easily affect the health condition.and looking around all the tableware on the market, there are thousands of tableware. According to the material they use, they can divided into ceramic,wood,bamboo, plastic, glass, iron, aluminum, copper, stainless steel and so on.and according to the research,some tableware contain few toxic substance.and these toxic substance will be inside of food after the tableware contact with certain this way, people’s health will be threatened. Therefore, we need to be especially careful about the tableware we choose.

The wood type are very easily to be contaminated and not easy to get cleaned after using. And the bamboo set will go moudly with water. Most people are very likely to buy plastic and iron tableware as they are very easy to clean and very cheap which they are the less healthy type. Casue they contain some kinds of chemical which can react with food in high temperature. In this way the harmful chemical substance may get into your body.and day by day, you will in poor health after using the tableware.

Ceramic tableware, is one of the greatest inventions in China with widespread use.according to the scientific statistics, it is the most healthy type of tableware till now. Cause most of the porcelain are access to avoid acid and alkali corrosion with very stable chemical properties. And it is the most elegent and top graded type. They are widely used in some top-rated hotels and restaurants.

And if you are already into the ceramic tableware, try to buy the lining without glaze of white paint on the dishes. And for your new porcelain tableware before the first use, you can put them in 4% vinegar soak boil water for 5 minutes or so which can remove the harmful substances.moreover, when choosing the ceramic tableware,try to choose these with smooth surface, glaze layer and compact appearance.

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