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The Way to Choose the Right Dinnerware?

Author:    Source:    Date: 2016-07-05 09:33:35

Dinnerware is one of the most important dining decisions you make when stocking your home. Whether you are registering for a dinnerware set before a wedding, replacing your current dinnerware or restocking after a move, your decision will define something you will likely use every day for years. There are important aesthetic, financial and material decisions to make when choosing dinnerware.  From breakfast to dinner,dinnerware is closely related to us. The way to choose the right  dinnerware is important to us.


  1. Decide if you are looking for casual or formal dinnerware. Casual dinnerware is sturdy and designed for everyday use. Formal dinnerware is usually more delicate,  and entertaining.Utensils are placed about 20 cm from the edge of the table, with all placed either upon the same invisible baseline or upon the same invisible median line. Utensils in the outermost position are used first (for example, a soup spoon and a salad fork, then the dinner fork and the dinner knife).

  2.Define what other uses your dinnerware will have. For example, if you want to use it for outdoor use, you may want to look into less common but unbreakable materials, such as metal or laminate. If you will only use a formal set during the holidays, you may want to coordinate the colors for Christmas.

  3.Evaluate your current dinnerware. Is it important that your new dinnerware matches your old material. If so, you will need to coordinate by material, color or pattern.  

  4.Decide if you want to incorporate patterns into your dishware. A general guideline is to include a plain part of dinnerware with your patterns, so that they are not overwhelming.Many patterns are created with decals or transfers and should be hand washed to prevent fading or removal. Gold or metal lined patterns should not be used in the microwave.

  My everyday dishes are from Rollin Porcelain. I’ve had my set for about 3 years and they have really held up.  

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