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Author:    Source:    Date: 2016-08-02 14:52:19

  At the table, dinnerware is the first item that meets the diners' eyes. Will the dinnerware be for everyday use or for special occasions?

  Daily Use: Dinnerware used daily is subject to chips, cracks, and fractures. In the order of damage resistance, porcelain is the hardest ceramic, bone china is the strongest, followed by stoneware, semiporcelain, ironstone, creamware, and majolica or faience. Microwave oven and dishwasher safety are also concerns.

  When one set of dinnerware is selected to meet all dining needs, the most versatile choice is plain white dinnerware. Plain, white dinnerware:

Showcases food; Used by most restaurants; Easy to coordinate; Inexpensive to produce; Safe in a microwave oven (as long as it has no metallic ornamentation); and will not fade in a diswasher drying cycle.

  If you prefer colorful dinnerware, a pattern depicted in one or two colors is easier to coordinate and probably less expensive than dinnerware with metal ornamentation or multiple colors.

  For fun, keep brightly colored majolica or faience, pottery reserved for occasional use at the informal table setting. Majolica and faience chip easily, so treat them carefully.

  Dinnerware selected for special occasions is usually ornamented with precious metals. Gold, silver, and platinum create an elegant ambience, but cannot be used in a microwave oven, and should be hand-washing.


  The most formal dinnerware pattern is one ornamented with a solid-color border trimmed with precious metal, such as cobalt blue edged with gold. For a dramatic pattern, choose a contrast of vibrant colors: dinnerware ornamented with Chinese red and black or a sophisticated combination of colors, such as gray, black, and gold.

  You may also select dinnerware in a color associated with several holidays; for example, green-rimmed plates will do for St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. When theme-related dinnerware is selected, salad plates are less costly to purchase than dinner plates and offer the same impact.

  Proportion, balance, and craftsmanship are the criteria of quality dinnerware. The plates lie flat on the table and the rims are not warped. The handles are wide enough for a comfortable grip, and the cups rest securely and evenly on the saucers. The glaze does not have spots, is free of pinholes or bubbles, and is not too thin in one area, creating a matte look. The color tones of each piece are consistent. The lids fit tightly.

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