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Ceramic VS Melamine, Why Avoid Melamine Dinnerware?

Author:    Source:    Date: 2016-07-21 15:12:23

  You work hard to fill your plates and bowls with healthy organic food. Too bad that tableware you're munching your tasty meals on could be disrupting your efforts to keep chemicals out of the kitchen. If you use melamine dishes, anyway.
1) Both ceramic and melamine dinnerware have beautiful appearance
  When the appearance of dinnerware is the primary concern, ceramic and melamine have a similar appeal. Both have beautiful patterns for matched plates, soup or salad bowls and side dishes that attractively decorate a table.
2) Advantages of Melamine, compared to ceramic
  The chemical composition of melamine dinnerware makes it nearly impossible to break, while ceramic dinnerware breaks easily when it lands on a hard surface. 
Melamine plates, bowls and cups are hard plastic dishes that are extremely durable, crack-proof and come in a wide array of shapes, colors and patterns.

3) Melamine: Not in high temperatures
  Like most plastic tableware, melamine dishes can potentially pose health risks by leaching chemicals into your food. An element in the composition of melamine makes it potentially unsafe for use in a microwave oven or for any aspect of cooking that subjects it to high temperatures.
  Even if it does not melt, its surface can degrade under high heat and release small amounts of a harmful chemical. Similarly, even the best melamine dining ware does not tolerate cycles in dishwashers that heat water to more than 140 degrees F. 
4)Ceramic: Microwave safe and Dishwasher safe
  Considerably more expensive than melamine, ceramic does not leak chemicals when exposed to high heat in microwave or traditional ovens, broilers or plate warmers. No health hazards occur from serving piping hot food on ceramic, while it is important to let food cool prior to placing it on melamine.
5) Investment: Ceramic products are superior 
  A January 2013 study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that melamine can leach from dishes into food, and consequently your body, if you use melamine tableware with hot foods.
The price difference, but concerns about the chemical composition of melamine resins may override cost considerations. As an inexpensive container for cold food or snacks, melamine may serve a utilitarian purpose. For cooking or serving hot food and for effective cleaning, ceramic has qualities that make it a superior product.
  From above all, did you know why avoid Melamine dinnerware?
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